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Bestiary of Nysth

Countless illustrations have been created for the Bestiary of Nysth. It’s a coffee table book with funny and adorable creatures for adults and children alike.

I illustrated more than 90 pages and hand-lettered all text. The book is filled with illustrations spanning the whole page and numerous vignettes which bring the imaginary world to life.

One click will enable you to surf through the book and explore the extraordinary creatues of Nysth.

Felidae Reimagined

The cat thriller Felidae was a deserved bestseller - nerve-racking suspension on four paws, and yet there never was an illustrated edition. As one of my projects I’ve chosen Felidae, to make my own illustrated version. About 10 black and white illustrations enrich the story.

Interest sparked?

Did my selection of artworks satisfy your curiosity you or do you still have questions? Write me an e-mail then! I am looking forward to our collaboration!

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