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Cartoon caricature for a shirt

A caricature made for apparel printing. Pictured is a human on a motorbike wielding a compound bow. The style is loosely based on Brösels' Werner comics.


To start out, I made a rough sketch to test out different elements within this composition. At the end I settled on a version with no flag in the background.

I used references of a compound bow, the motorcycle model and corresponding suit to get an accurate depiction.

Motorrad 2
Motorrad 3

Like usual for the cartoon style I started inking after settling with a sketch. I used the vectorize tool of Illustrator to give my inking a soft finish, before I started on the coloration.

I filled the areas with their respective colors and laid low transparency layers with gradients on top for shading. After finishing, I made printing files for t-shirt printing.

Motorrad 1
Motorrad 4
Motorrad 5