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The Perfect Briefing

A good quote needs a good briefing. Talking about the content and goals of the commission are necessities.

To express your request in the most efficient way, there are a few things to consider. This page is to help you provide the most important information right at the first call.

Basic Description

The basic description should summarize what the commission should show - what characters are on it and in which setting are they? If you have reference pictures, that are similar to what you envision, don’t hesitate to attach them.

  • Purpose: What should the illustration accomplish? Where should it be used? Wedding, children’s book, ad banner? Is the illustration to be framed and to be put on the wall?
  • Style: Rough sketch, black and white, colored, cartoon or rather realistic? Attach some reference pictures!
  • Character(s): How does the character look like and what pose does he strike? If there are several, how do they interact?
  • Background: Is there a background? Is it transparent, a solid color or integral part of the illustration? What is on the background?
  • Composition, Perspective: Are there any specifications?
  • Atmosphere: Is a certain atmosphere to be achieved? Reference pictures or moodboards can be very helpful in this matter.
  • Size/Medium: In what size will the illustration be used? Will it be shown digitally or will it be printed?

In case of a design you should think about the target audience and how the product should look like. What is it? A flyer, website, icons, ad banner? Is there a given corporate design, and what size should the design be? Print or online? Are there print specifications?

You don’t need to answer every question - as you will be working with a professional after all, who can counsel you and present various solutions.

Way of Use

An utterly important matter, for a quote and the illustration or design itself: How and in what way will the commission be used? What are you trying to accomplish with it?

  • Medium and purpose: How and in what way will it be used? Digital, print, magazine, in a movie, a logo mascot etc. What is the number of copies?
  • Time: How long do you need to use your commission?
  • Exclusive: Do you need exclusive rights? Maybe an exclusive one for a short amount of time and then a non-exclusive one?
  • Region: Do you want to use the work in Europe, USA or even worldwive?

If you have specific questions regarding usage rights, please take a look at my page about usage rights.


Could this page help you out a little? If you have any questions left, don’t hesitate to contact me. If you’re ready, feel free to ask for a quote!