Header Illustration
Aztec God


Concept Art & animated icon of an aztec god

Concept art for games of the aztec god "Xiuhtecuhtli". Concept Art done in Photoshop. The left design was chosen and turned into an animated icon with After Effects.


  • Concept art of an aztec fire god
  • Animated avatar


  • Research about aztec culture
  • Creating 3 designs
  • Drawing and animation of a rectangular avatar


Since this is a concept art and not a traditional illustration, I started by researching the aztec culture, before whipping up a drawing of a muscular male body. I used this as a base for my clothing ideas. Since concept art is pretty much about developing character designs to be used by e.g. 3D Artists, I completely focused on the look and feel of the character.

Mayan Fire 1 Kopie
Mayan Fire 2 Kopie

For the rectangular avatar I drew two sketches of the different character designs I created. I settled on the version with the mask to proceed to animation though, since it had the most visual impact.

Mayan 1
Mayan 2