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Overheal HS Card2

Storm of Minions

Fantasy illustration of a warlock

A gnome warlock orders his minions to attack. Made as a TCG illustration.

Dienersturm 2
Dienersturm 1


Since this illustration was a card art, it was of utmost importance that it was readable at a very small size. That doesn't change the whole illustration process, but it shifts the focus a little. For example, I started with a sketch like usual, but made sure that even in this early state the drawing will be easily readable. I tested contrasts with a greyscale overlay and simple color palettes.

Dienersturm 4
Dienersturm 5
Dienersturm 6
Dienersturm 7

After I had a good feeling about my composition and colors, I started doing a more detailed sketch. Followed by blocking in color areas. Always keeping the rough colored sketch as reference, I started shading.

Dienersturm 3
Dienersturm 8
Dienersturm 9

At some point I realized I had to get rid of the color of the robe. The color made the drawing fall apart. For a book illustration, this might have not been necessary, but small card art is another matter. I didn't want to risk overwhelming the viewer.

Dienersturm 10
Dienersturm 13
Dienersturm 11