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A twisted homage to the Mona Lisa

A sketchy character taken from the MMO game World of Warcraft, inspired by classic portrait art for private poster printing.

Monalisa 7
Monalisa 6


This painting was supposed to be left in a little "rougher" state than usual to remind viewers of old portraits. I started with a sketch from an in-game reference.

Like with most of my fantasy paintings, I started out with a sketch I shaded in greyscale. Since this painting doesn't have a lot of different colors, it was quite easy to colorize it.

Monalisa 1
Monalisa 2
Monalisa 3

With these steps of my work you can see it was intended to be a tad darker and a little more evil than I ended up with. I took a small turn and made it a little softer and friendlier before finishing.

Monalisa 4
Monalisa 5