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Workflow Optimization

In charge of label workflow improvements

Historically, the labels of the brand AniForte were in Photoshop and had to be ported over to InDesign and optimized for a InDesign workflow.

I've been in charge of the migration of about 200-400 product labels into InDesign files to ensure and improve efficiency, quality and productivity of the graphics department.


  • Keep the original Photoshop design as close as possible
  • Significant efficiency improvement of label creation for designers
  • Improvement of the print quality by going from RGB-PSD files for print to CMYK-PDF
  • Improvement of design quality by standardization of layouts, improvement on micro-typographic elements etc.
  • Minimizing errors by establishing a host of automatisms


  • Creation of INDD template files with all label sizes and accompanying object and paragraph styles with GREP styles.
  • Creation of a written manual and development of a new InDesign workflow for label creation

Label Manual

A5 landscape format, about 60 pages for office printers

I've written and layouted a label manual that I provided my graphics team digitally and in printed form, hand-bound with thread-stitching. Every regular A3 office printer can print more issues.

I wanted to make sure that even during holidays or sick days all necessary information is still available. In a big team consisting of 6 designers and often trainees and over 200 products to take care of, it is absolutely mandatory that label creation will flow smoothly.

Besides the manual I've also provided my team with introductory workshops and made sure everyone was on top of the new process fast.

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