Header Illustration

AniForte for Retail

PoS materials for animal brand

The brand AniForte was to be brought into retail stores. For this I've created accompanying materials to show off the brand in stores.

Pictured above is a mock-up concept art of a Munich supermarket PoS. It illustrates how a supposed PoS could look like within the store. (Photo by the sales team)


  • Create meaningful materials for the brand according to the brand values
  • Find practical and cheap solutions that can be used in varied ways


  • Creating of a concept art/mock-up in Photoshop with photos, graphics, drawing skills an retouching
  • Creating prepress files

Shelf materials

Banner, wobbler and price bar

Some of the markets want to sell AniForte products. To make the shelf more appealing I've created some PoS materials. Each side gets a large banner with the brand values. The price bar was filled with a logo print. A wobbler was created. The photo shows the finished shelf in the market.

Pos mats

Product Display

The products were to be presented with a display too. You can see the mock-up/concept art made in Photoshop here.