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Portfolio website

Nellyaa Illustration & Grafik

My own website made with Craft CMS

My current website for my own use. I wanted to show off my current works in an appealing and modern manner.


  • A unique and professional design
  • Let the portfolio pieces take precedence
  • Great PageSpeed score thanks to optimized code and modern Craft CMS solution
  • Responsive for all devices
  • Multilanguage


  • Design of the layout in Photoshop & Figma
  • HTML, CSS & JavaScript from scratch, no Bootstrap or Tailwind used
  • Frontend Development with templating language Twig
  • Setup of Craft CMS

Filter by Topics

Pure JavaScript filter with CSS animations

I wanted to build a filtering-feature to offer the option to search through my portfolio pieces by topic (tags). Filtering should work and look appealing. The animations are pure CSS and therefore yield extremely good performance.

The tags are being generated from the content itself and my JavaScript code controls the individual elements' visibility.