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Vitality Cobs

Development of a horse feed sub-brand

The brand AniForte was to be extended with a luxurious hay cob food supplement series for horses.

The sub-brand consists of 5 variants to cover the various needs of different horses. I developed the whole look and feel, the labels and all corresponding online- and offline graphics. I've also did prepress and printing tests on the in-house label printing machine and plotter.


  • Create a unique and appealing sub-brand for AniForte in line with the Corporate Identity
  • Development and design of all accompanying media assets


  • Design & creation of all labels in InDesign
  • Making of all product pictures and ads for the online shop and amazon
  • Creation of leaflets and stickers in InDesign
  • Prepress and test printing on the in-house label printing system and further processing on cutting machine


5 variants with front and back label

I've created all front labels and back labels in InDesign as well as templates for easy expansion of the brand. The photo has been created with a trainee on a horse farm. I've made prepress files for the printing machine and the following processing and did test prints to make sure the quality of the labels is maintained.



For B2B and B2C

As advertising I've created leaflets in Z-fold style for consumers and businesses. Pictures is the business leaflet. My goal was to bring attention to the quality of the products. I've developed the leaflets in tandem with the marketing-team which delivered the copy.

Heucobs haendlerflyer

Product Pictures

Amazon & online shop

For every VitalityCob variant I've created the corresponding product pictures for the targeted eCommerce platforms. Working with the eCommerce team I've created icons and graphics for the product description at Amazon as well.

US Ps Vitality Cobs Bewegung 1200x1200px 05x
Lifestylebild Vitality Cobs 1200x1200px
Icon Bild Vitality Cobs 1200x1200px
Amazon Header Vitality Cobs 970x600px DE
Produktbild Vitality Cobs Bewegung 2400x2400px
Produktbild Vitality Cobs Cushing 2400x2400px
Produktbild Vitality Cobs Magen 2400x2400px
Produktbild Vitality Cobs MSM 2400x2400px
Produktbild Vitality Cobs Natur 2400x2400px