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Redraw 2020

A Dream

A mysterious fantasy-illustration

A dreamy fantasy illustration of a man in a suit, carrying a rose. What might his intentions be?


I started by making several sketches with different poses and perspectives, before settling with one. The person depicted was supposed to look flirty and dream-like. Since the figure was also kind of floating on a cloud, it was difficult finding a good pose for her.

Traum 2
Traum 1

Like with lots of my fantasy illustrations, I make at least two sketches. With the very first sketch I'm looking for a good pose and composition. With the second sketch I'm pinning down details, like in this case the look and position of the wings.

Traum 4

This time the background was not part of the sketch, since I already knew it would be an unspecific cloudy sky with a full moon. After having finished my second iteration of my figure, I just started sketching with colors right away to block in the background.

Traum 3
Traum 5