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Moin moin

... that is how you greet in Northern Germany!

It’s my passion to tell stories by using art and making the world a better place with good design.

I am particularly passionate about web design and UX & UI design. I love designing interactive experiences and making the user feel like they are the center of attention. The enthusiasm of the user fuels me!

I love illustration too. No matter if the interactive way like in games or websites, moving like in animation, sequential like in products for printing, or just a single picture, illustration and art is many-faceted and enrich various media thanks to its unique appeal.

As freelancing illustrator and designer with a bachelors of arts degree of the FH MĂŒnster, Germany, I am knowledgeable in my craft. Furthermore I am well versed in the realm of design, as I also own a graphic design assistant degree, which I topped off with a UX Designer certificate in 2021. Several years of work experience as artist and designer round off my profile.

My Experience

  • Since 2021: Founder of PurrintÂź
  • 2021: Certified UX Designer
  • Since 2018: Freelancing Illustrator and Designer
  • 2016 - 2021: Employed as Illustrator, 2D Animator and Web Designer
  • 2013 - 2016: Design Studies with focus on Illustration and interactive Design at the FH MĂŒnster, Germany
  • 2012: Employed as Website Designer
  • 2011: Employed as 2D Artist and Illustrator for Browsergames
  • 2008 - 2010: Modern Apprenticeship as Graphic Design Assistant
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These are my quirks

My Thirst for Knowledge

Design is more than just beautiful

I judge design based on how well it works and functions. No matter if it is about the code of a website, the brand strategy or book binding. I aim to understand the big picture. Only this way I am able to create the best possible designs and illustrations that fit into it like a perfect puzzle piece.

This ends with my websites being coded by myself - just like this one right here - and me binding my own books. And if I happen to not have researched a certain idea or technique yet, I usually have a book on my to-read-pile or an interesting blog article in my favorites already.

My Favorite Drawing Tool

Agony of choice

I illustrate with plenty of techniques. Each of them has something special going for it. My favorite is working digitally on my computer with a graphic tablet, however. With soon reaching 20 years of experience in digital illustration, every brush stroke is hitting the mark. But I like to use acrylics and water colors as well.

Both techniques help me find fresh perspectives for my drawings again and again. The calming movement of a traditional brush channels my inner Zen just perfectly.

My Thing for Cats

That was obvious, was it?

I love cats. They're my muse. Don't get mad, dear dog owners! Cats are simply special to me. That's why I took them for my logo and I don't get tired of illustrating them again and again.

I call two cats part of my family: Finya and Findus, two Norwegian forest cats. Their calm and loyal nature spoke to me. They bring plenty of adventures, entertainment and hours filled with tender snuggles into my home.

(Also, yes, this is a cat armchair, in cat-size for cats!)