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Private Clients

Private Clients

Do you need a present for a special person, a piece of art for your wall or just a simple illustration for private purposes? Then you are a private client and this page is for you. If you’ve got questions after reading, don’t hesitate to turn to me. I’m looking forward to answering any questions you may have.


Price information & price list

The price of my artwork depends on how long I have to work on it. As private client, you will not recieve any further usage rights, which are priced separately. You are allowed to use the work for private purposes only, like using it on your own or as a present for someone. If you have any questions about usage rights, feel free to read my dedicated page about usage rights.
Therefore the price of an artwork of mine consists of the summed up hourly rate plus material fees and shipping fees where applicable.

After the briefing I will make a quote. To get a rough idea about what kind of prices you can expect, I’ve made a price list. Again, this is only for private clients. Shipping or material fees are not included in this price list.
If you’re unsure which category is applicable to you, please ask.

Black and white

  • Black and white artwork/sketch with one cartoony character, starting at 50,– €
    • Plus additional character 30,– €
    • Plus background 30,– €
    • Plus extras - color touches, shadows - individual extra charge

With a black and white artwork or sketch you may choose if you want inks (see wedding picture) or rather a rough look (see portrait example). Extras like grey shadows or a color touch are possible.

Cartoon coloration

  • Colored artwork with a cartoony character, starting at 70,– €
    • Plus additional character starting at 60,– €
    • Plus background starting at 100,– €

A cartoon coloration is made with clear inks and gradient- or cellshading. Soft and clear (see bike illustration) shadows are possible. Typical traits of this coloration are the clear inks and a rather simple shading.

cartoon coloration and painting coloration can be combined (see pink creature artwork - clear inks but a more sophisticated shading). Technically, there are no limits between the price categories, those are to be understood as guidance rather. Just tell me about your idea!

Painting coloration

  • Colored painting consisting of a very simple charakter or just portrait, starting at 70,– €
    • Plus background starting at 150,– €
  • Colored painting consisting of one character, starting at 100,– €
    • Plus additional character 100,– €
    • Plus background starting at 150,– €

Painting coloration works without inks and owns a very sophisticated, realistic shading.

Traditionelle Zeichentechniken

Traditional techniques I very rarely offer. From time to time I create artworks with water colors or acrylic - prices for these are upon request. Material fees (depend a lot on the size of the picture) and price of the original piece if applicable have to be calculated on top after all.

If you have a strong wish for a traditional artwork, please send me an e-mail.

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