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Shadow over Innsmouth - Game Design

Shadow over Innsmouth, the novel by H. P. Lovecraft, a horror literature icon, was the inspiration for this survival horror game concept. At the core of this Game Design was to deliver the scary, thrilling atmosphere through clever UX and Art Design. This game is designed in 2D, inspired by RPG-Maker horror games like Corpse Party or Aoi Oni, who work besides their simple game mechanics and top down view, who are in contrast to modern 3D first person horror games.

The surreal touch and omitting details in the artwork mirrors Lovecrafts style of writing, who always tried to avoid describing horror too closely. Violence and gore are hardly part of Lovecrafts novels. Horror emerged from the fantasy of the reader. 2D graphics were used to prove that horror doesn't have to be realistic, to be effective.

The interface and game design is focused on mid- to hardcore gamers. Little inventory space and limited options to save the game increase the game’s difficulty. There are plenty of enemies - and no possibility to eliminate them.

Music by www.incompetech.com.

July 2015
Skills & Tools:
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects
Term Project (FH Münster)




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