Header Illustration
Display mock up

AniForte Plus

Development of a premium sub-brand

In tandem with a graphic designer-colleague I've developed the visuals for the premium sub-brand "AniForte Plus". (Displays above is a display mock-up, done in Photoshop)

For that I've created the prepress files and helped design the labels, packaging, instruction leaflet, a product display and the logo of the sub-brand.


  • Decide on the design of the sub-brand that communicates sustainability and nature
  • Creating prepress files
  • Creating a design for a product display


  • Development of the look and feel
  • Design and creation of labels, product packaging, instruction leaflets of all 5 variants with punch lines
  • Creation of online product pictures
  • Creation of a product display with punch lines
  • Drawing of fitting illustrations


Labels, collapsible boxes, instruction leaflet

The packaging consists of a DUMA can with label, an instruction leaflet and a collapsible paper packaging. All 5 variants are color-coded for better visibility.

The instruction leaflet is a 2-sided 4C print and being folded three times, so it fits into the box over the can. The punch template has been provided by the partnered PoS company.



Collapsible Boxes

Apotheke faltschachtel 2
Apotheke faltschachtel

Instruction Leaflet

Apotheke beipack1
Apotheke beipack2

Product Pictures

Produktbild aniforte plus gelenke 250stk 2400x2400px 300dpi
Produktbild aniforte plus verdauung 250stk 2400x2400px 300dpi
Produktbild aniforte plus vitalitaet 250stk 2400x2400px 300dpi


Lovely water color style

We settled to accompany the sub-brand with illustrations in a water color style to underline the eco-friendliness. The digitally created style evokes a feeling of traditionally inked outlines with watered-down opaque white as background. I've illustrated the "cover" dog, ingredients and some icons as well as leaflet flavor pictures.

Rennender Hund illustration
Illustration hund
Apotheke rohstoffe 2
Apotheke rohstoffe 3
Apotheke rohstoffe 4
Apotheke rohstoffe 5
Apotheke rohstoffe 6